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LAST CALL: Candidates for Appointed District Leader Roles (FY 2017 - 2018)

District 47 would like to invite Toastmasters who are called to serve as Administration Manager, 
Finance Manager, Public Relations Manager and Area Director for next Fiscal Year 
to step forward and to become a District Champion, 
Innovator & Pioneer in support of the continued success and the ongoing development of our organization.

Become involved in District Leadership by volunteering your time and your professional expertise
as a way to give back, to build additional skills and to “pay it forward.”

Engaging at the District Level allows you to get the most out of your membership.

You have an opportunity to emerge as a better speaker and a better leader
by initiating revolutionary ideas, creating new tools, refining existing processes,
collaborating with others and sharing best practices.

For consideration, please send an E-mail message to District Director – Elect, District 47:
Chim Francisco, DTM (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Monday, 05/01/2017.

Include the following forms:

Note: Candidates must be a Member in good standing of a Club in good standing

2017 International and Table Topics Contests

This is the list of Area and Division Contests which will lead up to the District Internaitonal which will take place on April 22nd and District Table Topics Contest which will take place on April 23rd in Miami, Florida.
The list will updated as we get more information, and links will be added for flyers and registration as they become available.
We will also publish the winners as the contests report in.
Division Area Date Start End Venue Address City State /
Time Time Province
A Table Topics: 1st Place-Adrienne Williams, 2nd Place-Willasue Susskind
International Speech: 1st Place-David Channer, 2nd Place-Paul Camilo
  A10 Table Topics: 1st Place-Derek Bley, 2nd Place-Robert Buhl
International Speech: 1st Place-Paul Camilo, 2nd Place-Rudy Jean-Bart
  A11  Table Topics: 1st Place-Jason Clarke-Laidlaw, 2nd Place-Tracey Shearer
International Speech: 1st Place-Jason Clarke-Laidlaw, 2nd Place-Eva Francis
  A12 Table Topics: 1st Place-Willasue Susskind, 2nd Place-John Drissel
International Speech: 1st Place-David Channer, 2nd Place-Norman Gaslowitz 
  A13 Table Topics: 1st Place-Adrienne Williams, 2nd Place-Waynd Dawson
International Speech: 1st Place-Jonathan Spikes, 2nd Place-Wayne Dawson
  A14  Table Topics: 1st Place-Carolyn Stein, 2nd Place-Demi Jordan
International Speech: 1st Place-Denni Jordan, 2nd Place-Yamilet Ramirez
B Table Topics: 1st Place-Christian Lassalle, 2nd Place-Michael Dill
International Speech: 1st Place-Keith Herring, 2nd Place-Steven Harwood 
  B20 Table Topics: 1st Place-Bernaurd Mauricette, 2nd Place-JC Carrion
International Speech: 1st Place-Keith Herring, 2nd Place-Johnny Segara
  B21  Table Topics: 1st Place-Suzette Hyde, 2nd Place-Brian Wolf
International Speech: 1st Place-Steven Harwood, 2nd Place-Kristina Kihlberg
  B22  Table Topics: 1st Place-Christian Lasalle, 2nd Place-Marcelo Gadia
International Speech: 1st Place-Sackville Currie, 2nd Place-Cliff Townsend
  B23  Table Topics: 1st Place-Franklin Fletcher, 2nd Place-Kathie Moon
International Speech: 1st Place-Jim Barber, 2nd Place-Jeffly Jean
  B24  Table Topics: 1st Place-Michael Dill, 2nd Place-Debra White
International Speech: 1st Place-Brian Mikosz , 2nd Place-Daniel Dominguez
C Table Topics: 1st Place-Godfrey McAllister, 2nd Place-David Eltringham
International Speech: 1st Place-Godfrey McAllister, 2nd Place-John Schneyer
  C30  Table Topics: 1st Place-Tim Morell, 2nd Place-John Johnson
International Speech: 1st Place-Oris Martin, 2nd Place-Nicole Edwards
  C31 Table Topics: 1st Place-John Schneyer, 2nd Place-Gary Sharp
International Speech: 1st Place-John Schneyer, 2nd Place-Sheree Thomas
  C32 Table Topics: 1st Place-David Eltringhan, 2nd Place-Elizabeth George
International Speech: 1st Place-Elizabeth George, 2nd Place-Denise Brown
  C33 Table Topics: 1st Place-Matthew Perlas, 2nd Place-Jean Broida
International Speech: 1st Place-Mikhail Guseynov, 2nd Place-Gary Sharp
  C34  Table Topics: 1st Place- , 2nd Place-
International Speech: 1st Place- , 2nd Place- 
D REGISTER HERE 04/01/17 8:00 AM 12:00 PM South Florida Water Mgmt District 3301 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach FL
  D40 Table Topics: 1st Place-Kathleen Smith, 2nd Place-Ellen Gillette
International Speech: 1st Place-Tom Zaimes, 2nd Place-Kathleen Smith
  D41 Table Topics: 1st Place-Jeffrey Otten, 2nd Place-Linda Childress
International Speech: 1st Place-Jill Lebofsky, 2nd Place-George Kleine
  D42 Table Topics: 1st Place-Daniel Ekerold, 2nd Place-Patricia Antolik
International Speech: 1st Place-Aimee Lucas, 2nd Place-Patricia Stevenson
  D43 Table Topics: 1st Place-Coretta Talbot, 2nd Place-Pat Maher
International Speech: 1st Place-Lawrence Paustian , 2nd Place-Maritza Coscarelli
  D44 Table Topics: 1st Place-Orlando Zuniga, 2nd Place-Hopoe Barton
International Speech: 1st Place-Curt Rapp, 2nd Place-Manohardeep (MD) Josan
E Table Topics: 1st Place-Tony Noisom, 2nd Place-David Dye
International Speech: 1st Place-Tony Noisom, 2nd Place-Danilo Vargas
  E50 Table Topics: 1st Place-Robert McMullen, 2nd Place-Ivonne Fernandez
International Speech: 1st Place-Brenda Ellis, 2nd Place-Robert mcMullen
  E51 Table Topics: 1st Place-Adriana Lopez, 2nd Place-Ian Tacher
International Speech: 1st Place-Walfredo Ignacio Sabria, 2nd Place-Brajesh Singh
  E52 Table Topics: 1st Place-David Dye, 2nd Place-Gabriel Rhenals
International Speech: 1st Place-Jason Smith, 2nd Place-Eric Hernandez
  E53 Table Topics: 1st Place-Tony Noisom, 2nd Place-Rex Lehmann
International Speech: 1st Place-Tony Noisom, 2nd Place-Aracely Santos
  E54 Table Topics: 1st Place-Derek Auguste, 2nd Place-Ilja Chapman
International Speech: 1st Place-Danilo Vargas, 2nd Place-Douglas Brewer 
  E55 Table Topics: 1st Place-Jordan Vichot, 2nd Place-Jacqueline Cabrera
International Speech: 1st Place-Mike Molina, 2nd Place-Gregory Diaz
F REGISTER HERE 3/30/17     Paul Farquharson Centre East Street Nassau  
  F60 Table Topics: 1st Place-Douglas Fawkes, 2nd Place-Rossemarie Josey
International Speech: 1st Place-Carlton Duvalier 
  F61 Table Topics: 1st Place-, 2nd Place-
International Speech: 1st Place-, 2nd Place-
  F62 Table Topics: 1st Place-, 2nd Place-
International Speech: 1st Place-, 2nd Place-
  F63 Table Topics: 1st Place-, 2nd Place-
International Speech: 1st Place-, 2nd Place-
I REGISTER HERE 3/31/17 7:00 PM 9:00 PM Paul Farquharson Centre East Street Nassau  
  I90 Table Topics: 1st Place-Osbourne Moxey , 2nd Place-Coline Reckley
International Speech: 1st Place-Troy Strachan, 2nd Place-Vilda Chipman 
  I91 Table Topics: 1st Place-Duran McKinney, 2nd Place-Carl Culmer
International Speech: 1st Place-Carl Culmer, 2nd Place-Vincent Rahming
  I92 Table Topics: 1st Place-Alexis Tuerner, 2nd Place-Carol McIntosh
International Speech: 1st Place-Bennique Brown, 2nd Place-Shakira Knowles
  I93 Table Topics: 1st Place-Meltheo Wells, 2nd Place-Roston Moss
International Speech: 1st Place-Deborah Pratt, 2nd Place-Lashanda Wildgoose

The January-February Sunshiner is now Available!

Oct-Nov 2016 Sunshiner Cover

The January-February issue of The Sunshiner, District 47's bimonthly newsletter, is now available. Highlights:

  • The benefits of club coaching (not just to the club but to the coach as well)
  • A new approach to mentoring
  • Rich Otten, DTM, in the Member Spotlight
  • Boastmasters: Mikhail Guseynov takes it to the next level
  • Photos of the TLIs hosted by divisions B and E
  • Education achievements of your fellow Toastmasters

Thanks to our invaluable contributors: Karen Baetzel, Andrew Bern, Beverly Cordner, Lois Margolin, Douglas Shachnow, John Schneyer and our esteemed Trio - Lynda Hammond, Chim Francisco and Michael Thorn.

Read it on-line at:

OR Download it from:

Candidate Rules for Elected Offices 

If you have questions, or observe any violations of the below rules, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applies to: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Director Candidates

Campaign Materials

At area and division speech contests, all candidates may distribute campaign materials. They may also display campaign materials in a candidates' corner at these events if space is available for the candidates' corner and if all candidates have equal access to it. Campaign materials may not be placed on walls, chairs or tables outside of the candidates’ corner.

At the district conference, all candidates may distribute campaign materials, and they're allowed to display campaign materials in the candidates' corner at a district conference. Campaign materials may not be placed on walls, chairs or tables, or handed out at educational sessions, meal functions or the district hospitality suite.

Speeches and Speaking Guidelines

Campaign speeches are not permitted at any area speech contest, division speech contest or other district non-election meeting except the district conference. At the discretion of the area or division director responsible for the speech contest, candidates present at the contest may be introduced to the audience if all candidates present are introduced.

All candidates in contested races for district office, including floor candidates, may be allowed to speak at the district conference at a time other than during the district's annual business meeting. These campaign speeches must be given at an appropriate time and place, and be of an appropriate length, as identified by the district director, provided that all candidates are given an equal opportunity and are properly notified.

All candidates are allowed to give educational presentations at district conferences, provided the presentations conform to the needs of the district, and provided that all candidates for the same office are given an equal opportunity.

Please note that the District Director has determined that the only campaign speeches permitted shall be during the Annual Business Meeting and that no candidates for District Office shall be permitted to present an Educational Session.

Hospitality Suites

The only hospitality suite permitted at a district conference is the one provided and operated by the district, with no contribution from any candidate. The provision of a hospitality suite is, however, at the discretion of the district director.


Advertisements by or on behalf of candidates for district office are not permitted in district publications.


Endorsements by current District Officers are NOT permitted per Toastmaster's Policies.
This includes Area Directors, Division Directors, Finance Manager, Administration Manager, Public Relations Manager, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, District Director and International Officers.

Violation of any of the above rules may result in disciplinary action against a candidate, which could include disqualification for office.

Candidates for Elected Positions will be interviewed starting February 4th and the Nomination Report will be published by the District Director 6 weeks prior to the Spring District Council Business Meeting.

Registration is OPEN for the 2017 Spring Conference

District 47 Spring Conference
April 22-23, 2017
at the
Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

Toastmasters - District 47 proudly presents the 2017 SPRING Conference from April 22nd to April 23rd at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel!

Join us for a weekend of Education & Training, featuring:

  • District Level - Table Topics Contest & International Speech Contest
  • Communication & Leadership Workshop Sessions
  • District Council Meeting and Elections
  • Recognition of Achievements in the Toastmasters Education Program!
  • Our Keynote Speaker Ed Tate

Mix 'n Mingle with Members from over 160+ Clubs in South Florida & The Bahamas

Come Friday evening, April 21st, for early registration and an evening of mingling with fellow Toastmasters and fun activities at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel bar and restaurant! Get the special Toastmaster discount nightly rate of $135 plus tax for Friday and Saturday! Stay Friday and wake up fresh and ready to start the conference Saturday morning! No line because you'll have already registered! Join us for the breakfast buffet before your first workshop.

Members who have recently earned a DTM AND who have registered to attend the Conference by March 31st may participate in the DTM Walk and receive a Medallion.  If you have earned your DTM within the last year and have not already participated, be sure to let us know on the registration form.

CLICK HERE for details!


The Fall Conference Special Edition Sunshiner is now Available!

Oct-Nov 2016 Sunshiner Cover

The holiday season is a time to enjoy and celebrate with family and friends! Your Toastmasters family and friends want you to know just how much you are appreciated for being with us! Have fun at your club parties! Let yourself fully enjoy this season!

Share your club holiday and party photos with everyone by emailing them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  They will be shared on the District 47 Website. 

We have a special treat provided for you by our Public Relations and Conference Teams: the Fall Conference Special Edition Sunshiner!

Read it on-line at:

OR Download it from:

On behalf of our District Trio (Chim Francisco, Michael Thorn and myself) and all of your District Leadership teams, I wish you, your clubs and your families a hearty Happy Holidays!

2016-2017 Trio

District 47 Trio

Club Growth Director, Michael Thorn, DTM
District Director, Lynda Hammond, DTM
Program Quality Director, Chim Francisco, DTM