Toastmasters D47

District 47 Leadership



Maurice Fuller, DTM

Read the Letter from Maurice


Program Quality

Leonardo Burrows, DTM


club growth

Ivan Thompson, DTM


Immediate Past
District Director

Antionette Fox, DTM


Public Relations

Linda Chapman, DTM



Joset Simms, DTM



Andréa Johnson



David Esposito, DTM


Division and Area Directors

See the complete alignment of clubs and areas here
(effective 8/30, last updated 8/30).

See the interactive map here.


Division A Director

Florence Stewart



Area 10 Director: Ana Garcia

Area 11 Director: Stephanie Foster

Area 12 Director: CeCe Espeut

Area 13 Director: Nina Obier


Division B Director

Andrew Bern, DTM



Area 20 Director: Matt Saravick

Area 21 Director: John Quick

Area 22 Director: Walter Bernuy

Area 23 Director: Lorraine Campbell


Division C Director

Michelle LeWay, DTM



Area 30 Director: Stephen Winters

Area 31 Director: David Borenstein

Area 32 Director: Elizabeth George

Area 33 Director: Antoine Rolle


Division D Director

Dilcia Morales



Area 40 Director: Anna Simeon

Area 41 Director: Manohardeep Josan

Area 42 Director: Paula Barto

Area 43 Director: Orlando Zuniga


Division E Director

Sandra Jackson, DTM



Area 50 Director: Joy Davis

Area 51 Director: Berta Garcia

Area 52 Director: Patrick Alexander

Area 53 Director: Nelsy Arellano

Area 54 Director: Jillian Allonge

Area 55 Director: Maryann Warren


Division F Director

Tiffany Burrell-Roberts


Area 60 Director: Monique Hanna

Area 61 Director: David King

Area 62 Director: Ambrosina Forbes


Division I Director

Nikenya Rolle


Area 90 Director: Wycliffe Barnett

Area 91 Director: Deandra Dorsett

Area 92 Director: Tristan Beneby

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Our leadership is excited to take District 47 to new heights this year, and we’re counting on you. Will you share your talents, efforts, and experience with us and share alongside this team? We still have several open positions where you can contribute and make a difference. Read the descriptions and sign up below.



Have an ear to the ground to learn about and publicize club events, outstanding achievements, and unique opportunities to be published on the district website.


In coordination with the Public Relations Manager and District Trio, create website blog posts to promote district events/campaigns and highlight clubs/members. We’d like to have one blog post a week, and it’s your job to either source or write that post following a professional, fun, and engaging editorial voice.

Deputy Webmaster

Work with the Webmaster to update and make corrections to the website. When breaking news, inadvertent content, or or otherwise urgent updates arise, you will be responsible for making changes to the district website if the Webmaster is unavailable. Must be tech savvy, creative, and willing to learn.

DTM Coach

Guide members who are close to getting the traditional Distinguished Toastmaster (before Pathways), navigating the last requirements like workshops, High Performance Leadership project, coaching, mentoring, and sponsoring a club. This is a crucial role to help these members achieve DTM before June 2020. Must be a DTM who knows the requirements well and can help match members to opportunities in the district.


Create flyers, social media posts and other visuals as appropriate. Provide guidance to club leaders around TI branding and promotions including reviewing club special event flyers as appropriate.


Support Division Facebook pages with local events and highlights.


Support the Social Media Chair maintaining district Facebook group and page and other social media including but not limited to Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Develop relationships with external news sources to promote D47 events, membership into D47 clubs and pitch stories about D47, its clubs and its members.


Develop immersive educational website content relating to the Pathways Learning Experience

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Nominations for 2019-2020 Leadership

Update: Nominations for elected positions closed on December 15th, 2018. We are now accepting nominations for the appointed (not elected) positions through May 15th, 2019.

Toastmasters presents several opportunities to grow your leadership outside your club and extend the skills you learned as a club officer.  Each year, the District Leadership Committee, District Members, and the District Director Elect select a new District Executive Committee.  

Have you thought about taking your skills to the next level? Perhaps this is your time to consider serving as a District Leader on the 2019-2020 District Executive Committee.  As a District Leader, you will practice skills that enhance your ability to work with several other clubs, officers, and members. District Leadership promises the perfect platform to sharpen your personal brand of influence and hone your leadership acumen. The role is not easy, and there is a lot to learn, but the journey is definitely rewarding.  This 12-month commitment serving your District satisfies the credit for Advanced Leader Silver or Pathways District Leader Awards.

The following list of the elected and appointed roles are available for the next term. Please review the District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities and the District Leader Competencies.

You may nominate yourself or someone else you believe is a worthy candidate by completing and submitting the District Leader Nominating Form.  All candidates, both elected and appointed, must also complete a Candidate Application Officer Agreement and Release Form and District Leader Biographical Information.  These four forms must be submitted to the District Leadership Committee Chair (DLC), Lynda Hammond, DTM,  at



  • Area Directors – approximately 30

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Administration Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Logistics Manager (does not qualify for ALS /Pathways District Leader credit)

Nominate Now

Fill out the following forms and email them as attachments to

Alternatively, fill out the combined nomination documents. For a mail-in option, contact the DLC Chair at

Beyond the Nomination

There will no longer be interviews by the District Leadership Committee for the purpose of determining the District 47 Official Nominees for elected roles as that application deadline was December 15, 2018. However, all who still desire to run for an elected office must complete the nominations documents and submit them to the District Leadership Committee Chair before the May 18, 2019 District Council Business Meeting at the Spring Conference.  Floor Candidates for any of the elected positions must be nominated at the Annual District Council Business Meeting by a member of the District Council (Club President, Vice President of Education, member of the District Executive Committee) or a club Proxy holder, when District Director, Maurice Fuller, DTM, opens the floor to nominations at the time of each role's election.

All appointed role applications must be submitted by May 15, 2019, to the DLC. All applications will be held by the DLC to be presented to the newly elected District Director following the Spring Conference election. The District Director-Elect will review all applications and arrange interviews, as needed. All positions will be filled before the new term begins; July 1, 2019.

Elections for the 2019-2020 term will be held May 18, 2019 at the District Council Meeting (venue and time to be announced). All appointed roles will be determined by the District Director-Elect. The 2019-2020 term will begin July 1, 2019 and end June 30, 2020.

Announcement of additional opportunities for 2019-2020 District committee chairs, project managers, and team members will take place after elections.

Be part of District 47’s continued growth while continuing your personal development! For questions or more information please contact DLC Chair, Lynda Hammond, DTM, at

Our History


The Birth of District 47

“Why doesn’t Florida have a district?” was posed by Sgts Callman and Kuck in 1955.

Ted Blanding, Executive Secretary of International, who was President of Toastmasters in 1942-43, replied with the question, “Why don’t you do something about it?”

Ted explained that ten clubs had to petition Toastmasters for District status. The District then must be in a provisional status for one year, with no funding from International. Talk about operating on a shoestring… without the shoestring!

Club #28 in Orlando, incidentally, was the first Toastmasters club East of the Mississippi. A decision was reached to have the western boundary at the Apalachicola River (as the rest of the Panhandle of Florida was already assigned to District 29.)

The Tallahassee club wrote that they thought that they should be in District 29. The response acknowledged that point but stressed that it seemed logical that a club in the state capital should be included in the Florida district.

They returned the petition immediately. The Board of Directors met in February, 1955, approving provisional status for District 47. The District organizational meeting was in Orlando in March with Ira Callman becoming District Governor and B. M. Wherrette, Lieutenant Governor. The District was started and new clubs started to spring up. The first new club of the District was the Coral Gables Club, chartering in July, 1955.

And that's how district 47 was born! 

Information based on an article written by Ira Callman, Provisional Governor #1, 1955. Special thanks to Karl Righter, DTM, PDG for this extensive history.


"History never really says goodbye. History says, 'See you later.' "

— Eduardo Galeano

District 47 through the Years

Past District 47 Governors & Directors
(includes city of residence during term)

  • 1955-56 Ira Callman, DTM, Miami, FL (Provisional District) (deceased)

  • 1956 B.M. Wherette, Orlando, FL (Provisional District) (deceased)

  • 1956-57 Owen Parrish, Miami, FL

  • 1957-58 Donald M. Larson, Miami, FL

  • 1958-59 Norman S. Pallot, Miami, FL

  • 1959-60 Donald F. Muller, Jacksonville, FL

  • 1960-61 Charles M. Swann, DTM, Sarasota, FL (deceased)

  • 1961-62 Dean Risher, Cocoa Beach, FL

  • 1963-64 Larry Q. Webb, Jacksonville, FL

  • 1964-65 Viggo C. Christiansen, Jacksonville, FL (deceased)

  • 1965-66 John Diaz, DTM, Cocoa Beach, FL

  • 1966-67 Win Chesley, DTM,*** Plantation, FL

  • 1967-68 Charles Avery,* Cocoa Beach, FL

  • 1968-69 Fred G. Thompson,* Miami, FL

  • 1969-70 Hugh T. Burgay, DTM,*** Orlando, FL (deceased)

  • 1970-71 John Bowman, DTM,* Miami, FL (DTM Badge #1)

  • 1971-72 Michael G. Shane, DTM,*** Ft. Lauderdale, FL (DTM Badge #14) (deceased)

  • 1972-73 Charles L. Jones, DTM, Winter Haven, FL

  • 1973-74 Karl E. Righter, DTM, Orlando, FL (DTM Badge #51)

  • 1974-75 Carleton Smith, DTM, St. Petersburg, FL (deceased)

  • 1975-76 S. R. Dunn, DTM,*** Jacksonville, FL (DTM Badge #99) (deceased)

  • 1976-77 David Meeks, DTM,* Tampa, FL

  • 1977-78 R. Floyd Sewell, DTM,* Jacksonville, FL

  • 1978-79 Robert Gelfand, DTM, Plantation, FL (deceased)

  • 1979-80 Val Croskey, DTM,* Melbourne, FL

  • 1980-81 Virginia Heddinger, DTM,* Ft. Lauderdale, FL (deceased)

  • 1981-82 Frank Tillman, DTM,** Gainesville, FL (deceased)

  • 1982-83 Jim Stanley, DTM,* Tampa, FL (deceased)

  • 1983-84 Ray Floyd, DTM,* Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • 1984-85 Dr. Ann Tillman, DTM,* Gainesville, FL (deceased)

  • 1985-86 Clara Gelfand, DTM, Plantation, FL (deceased)

  • 1986-87 James E. Martin, DTM,** Clearwater, FL

  • 1987-88 Lou Funk, DTM,*** Brandon, FL

  • 1988-89 Fred Miller, DTM, St. Petersburg, FL

  • 1989-90 Rosella Bonham, DTM,* Lake Mary, FL

  • 1990-91 Sara Meeks, DTM,* Tampa, FL (deceased)

  • 1991-92 Ed Waters, DTM,* Jacksonville, FL (deceased)

  • 1992-93 Steven A. Bard, DTM, Lauderhill, FL

  • 1993-94 Louise Y. Boyd, DTM, Sanford, FL

  • 1994-95 Rusty Best, DTM,*** Titusville, FL

  • 1995-96 Samuel P. Bain, DTM, Nassau, Bahamas

  • 1996-97 Rex P. Lehman, DTM, Miami, FL

  • 1997-98 Laura Reed, DTM, Tampa, FL

  • 1998-99 Timothy Pesut, DTM,* Sarasota, FL

  • 1999-00 Jack Jamba, DTM, Cocoa Beach, FL

  • 2000-01 Paul Meunier, DTM,*** Orlando, FL

  • 2001-02 Cathy Epler, DTM,* New Port Richey, FL

  • 2002-03 Eileen Sarris, DTM,* Sarasota, FL

  • 2003-04 Margaret Wan, DTM,*** St. Petersburg, FL (deceased)

  • 2004-05 Jim Ocque, DTM, Longwood, FL

  • 2005-06 Godfrey Springer, DTM, Nassau, Bahamas

  • 2006-07 Loretta Sandy, DTM,*** Palm Bay, FL

  • 2007-08 Wanda Brown, DTM, St. Johns, FL

  • 2008-09 Antoinette Fox, DTM,*** Nassau, Bahamas

  • 2009-10 Kristina Kihlberg, DTM, *** Pompano Beach

  • 2010-11 Richard Furbush, DTM, *** St. Petersburg

  • 2011-12 Pamela D. Rolle, DTM, Nassau Bahamas

  • 2012-13 Matthew A. Kinsey, DTM, Coral Springs, FL

  • 2013-14 Francis I. Molina, DTM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • 2014-15 Anthony J. Longley, DTM, Nassau, Bahamas

In 2015, the title District Governor was changed to District Director

  • 2015-16 Jeanine C. Kinsey, DTM, * Coral Springs, FL

  • 2016-17 Lynda Hammond, DTM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • 2017-18 Chim Francisco, DTM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • 2018 Antionette Fox, DTM, Nassau, Bahamas

  • 2018-2019 Maurice Fuller, DTM

* Achieved Distinguished District
** Achieved Select Distinguished District
***Achieved President’s Distinguished District

Presidential Visits to District 47

  • 1971 Arthur Diamond

  • 1983 Bill Miller

  • 1988 Tommy Richardson

  • 1994 (Fall) Pauline Shirley, DTM

  • 2001 (Spring) JoAnna McWilliams, DTM

  • 2008 (Spring) Chris Ford, DTM

  • 2013 (Fall) Mohammad Murad, DTM (President-Elect)

  • 2015 (Spring) Jim Kokocki, DTM (President Elect)

Presidential Citations to members of District 47

  • 1986 Frank Tillman, DTM, PDG

  • 1988 Dr. Ann Tillman, DTM. PDG

  • 1989 David Meeks, DTM, PID

  • 2001 Karl Righter, DTM, PDG

  • 2002 Mark Majcher, CTM/CL

  • 2015 Kristina Kihlberg, DTM, PID

  • 2016 Anthony J. Longley, DTM

  • 2017 Steven A. Bard, DTM, PID 

Early Recipients of DTM Designation

  • John Bowman, DTM, Miami, District 47 Governor, ‘70 - ‘71, DTM # 1

  • Mike Shane, DTM, Ft. Lauderdale, District 47 Governor, ‘71 - ‘72, DTM # 14

  • Karl Righter, DTM, Orlando, District 47 Governor, ‘73 - ‘74, DTM # 51

  • S. R. Dunn, DTM, Jacksonville, District 47 Governor, ‘75 - ‘76, DTM # 99

International Directors from District 47

  • ‘63 - ‘64 - Charles Swan, DTM, PID

  • ‘68 - ‘70 - John Diaz, DTM, PIP

  • ‘71 - ‘73 - Win Chesley, DTM, PID

  • ‘79 - ‘81 - Hugh Burgay, DTM, PID

  • ‘83 - ‘85 - Dave Meeks, DTM, PID

  • ‘87 - ‘89 - Ray Floyd, DTM, PID

  • ‘91 - ‘93 - Evelyn-Jane Burgay, DTM, PID

  • ‘95 - ‘97 - Steve Bard, DTM, PID

  • ‘02 - ‘04 - Paul Meunier, DTM, PID

  • ‘06 - ‘08 - Margaret Wan, DTM, PID

  • ‘12 - ‘14 - Kristina Kihlberg, DTM, PID

  • ‘16 - ‘18 - Matthew A. Kinsey, DTM, ID

International President from District 47

  • 1974-1975 John Diaz, DTM

International Conferences Held in District 47 with Presidents

  • 1968 - Miami Beach

    • Outgoing President - Lothar Salin, DTM

    • Incoming President - Earl M. Potter, DTM

  • 1984 - Orlando

    • Outgoing President - Eddie V. Dunn, DTM

    • Incoming President - John S. Latin, DTM

  • 2000 - Miami Beach

    • Outgoing President - Tim Keck, DTM

    • Incoming President - JoAnna McWilliams, DTM