Forget the Script, Use Mind Mapping

I had the pleasure of meeting with Carolyn Stein along with my club, Freedom Speakers. Carolyn Stein is an author and international speaker. Her book, Passport to the Podium, illustrates tips and tricks to acquire confident speaking skills. I enjoyed reading about the barriers she faced and how she ultimately overcame fear.


One technique that she used is Mind Mapping. In Mind Mapping, the speaker is to draw a web diagram with the main idea in the center. Each leg has branches that support the subtopics. All of the legs attach to support the main idea. Using tools like Mind Mapping will set the stage for success because the speaker already has a blueprint of what to refer to when conducting a speech… there is no need for a scripted speech.

Mind Mapping

P.S.: Carolyn Stein’s refined her public speaking through her affiliation with Toastmasters over the years.

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