Palm City Orators Newest DTM

By Linda Childress, DTM

The quotation “Great leaders inspire greatness in others” is anonymous, but surely the writer must have known Cindy Groover. When she received her DTM, Palm City Orators Club President Rick Marti wanted our club to acknowledge this honor in a memorable way. He emailed club members explaining he would sign up as Table Topics Master and asked who would like to speak about Cindy.  Rick wanted to make this occasion more of a tribute than a roast. To avoid duplication, speakers were asked to send Rick a synopsis of what they planned to share about Cindy so he could tie it into a Table Topics question he would ask each of them.

The responses poured in. “I want to talk about why I look up to her as a member and a friend.” “I will talk about her leadership qualities and give specific examples of how she has helped me succeed.” Yet another went from Groover to Groovy and created an acronym with each letter addressing Cindy’s impact on all of us.

As part of the celebration Cindy was gifted with a custom designed tee shirt created by fellow Toastmaster George Kleine, owner of “Tees Please.” The back of the shirt contained a word cloud that described Cindy… well, to a T!

Time made it impossible for me to speak that day. I wanted to tell Cindy that she will never have to worry about leaving a legacy; she has already left one.