Outstanding Member Campaign 2019

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There are Toastmasters in District 47 who have served relentlessly in their clubs and have made a huge difference. Dedication, Hard work, Commitment and selfless sacrifice should be rewarded in our District. To this end the District seeks to launch the Outstanding Member Campaign to seek out and identify one of these such members in ever club in the District.

Every Club in District 47 is eligible!!! Presentations of awards will begin in October to coincide with Toastmasters Month and will be presented to recipients during their respective area contests by the Area/ Division Director.

What is the Criteria

  1. The Toastmaster must be a member in Good Standing with Toastmasters international
  2. The member must have served the club as a club officer (current or in the past)
  3. Contributed to the growth and development of their respective club
  4. Mentored other toastmasters in their club
  5. Provided service outside their club to their community and other clubs
  6. Demonstrate commitment to the Core Values of Toastmasters – Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence.

How will Candidates Be Selected

  • The Club President and executive team will present the information to the club and allow the members to choose (vote if necessary) in democratic fashion to select a winner.
  • Once a winner is chosen the club will provide a two paragraph write up on the member and why they were selected.
  • The submission will be forwarded to the clubs Area Director, who will ensure the Division Director receives the information.

How will the candidates be awarded?

  • Each recipient of the Outstanding Member award will receive the coveted outstanding member award pin from Toastmasters International, provided by the district.
  • Awards will be presented at the respective Area Humorous Speech & Evaluations Contest.
  • The Area Director will inform the clubs under their remit of the due date for the submissions which should be before the respective Area Contest and not exceeding the October 31st deadline.
  • The winners photograph and biography should also be highlighted on the Clubs, Area, and Division social media platforms.
  • As the outstanding member for their club they will serve as District Ambassadors for the remainder of the toastmaster’s year.
  • The awardees will be recognized at the Spring Conference 2020
  • The awardees photo will also be showcased in the District Conference booklet May 2020