Using the Zoom Polling Feature for Officer Elections

One way clubs can conduct elections online is by using the Zoom polling feature. This is not the only option, but it’s one feature of Zoom that could be useful for clubs meeting online. Here are some notes about the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON ZOOM:  the Zoom Host is the only one who can create/edit polls.  Also, the Zoom Host doesn’t get to vote.  Therefore, it is important to invite someone (i.e. Area/Division/District Director) to administer the election as the Zoom Host.

  1. at least 2 weeks prior to election, appoint nominating committee
  2. at least 1 week prior to election, committee presents nominated candidates to club members
  3. at the election meeting, the first thing to do is determine if a quorum has been met.  If not, election has to be rescheduled.  Assuming a quorum is present:
    1. briefly explain the 7 offices (if not enough candidates, a minimum of 3 offices: president, a vice president and the secretary.  While the Vice President can be any of the three (VPE, VPM, or VPPR), I suggest VPE due to access to Pathways/Basecamp.
    2. the nominating committee chair makes a motion to accept the slate of candidates for election (if you’ve multiple candidates for multiple office, then motion to accept each office one at a time.)
    3. asking for second
    4. confirm with candidates if they would accept the position if elected
    5. ask if there is any nomination from the floor (for any office)
    6. if no nomination from the floor
      1. call for motion to close the nomination; requires a second to this motion; and a vote to close the nomination (simple majority)
      2. Zoom Host launches the poll, and members vote. After a reasonable time, end the poll.
      3. Zoom Host shares the result with the club.  Winners are announced.
    7. if there is nomination from the floor (ex: VPE)
      1. confirm with floor nominee if he/she would accept the position if elected.  if yes…
      2. allow floor nominee 2 minutes to speak; allow all other nominee(s) for the office of vpe to speak.
      3. ask one more time if there is any more floor nominee.  hearing none…
      4. motion to close the nomination for the office of vpe; requires a second; and a vote to close this nomination
      5. Zoom Host to launch a newly created poll for the office of vpe only. members vote. after reasonable time, end the poll.
      6. Zoom Host shares the result with the club. Winner for the office of VPE announced.
    8. Repeat the process for the rest of the offices.