Replay: Using a WordPress-Powered Website to Promote Your Club, Your Business or Yourself (webinar)

WordPress is the world’s most popular system for publishing and organizing websites, used by major publications and marketing organizations as well as bloggers, small businesses, professional speakers, and individuals. Unlike some of the other presentations I’ve delivered on WordPress, this one is not solely focused on the use of the software for club marketing.

This is a replay of a workshop webinar held on May 9, 2020.

In the context of Toastmasters, the simplest way to get a WordPress website for your club is to sign up at the service I run. However, you can also install the same software on any WordPress-powered website (details at

If you decide you would like to host a business, personal, or club website at your own domain on website on Siteground (the web host I recommend), please use this referral link (I’ll get a little bonus web hosting, and you’ll get a pretty good deal, too).

District 47 members are also encouraged to share any item of interest to other Toastmasters on the district website.

Write to if you’d like to do that. You can get Toastmasters credit through the Pathways project on blogging.