Chat Record: Webinar on Online Meetings

01:03:23 David F. Carr: This meeting is being recorded for video replay
01:13:29 OP chat monitor Chris Guld: Jim and I have made a few tutorial videos about using Zoom for online meetings. Here is the Youtube playlist:
01:18:12 Heather Glenn – VPE Weston Area Toastmasters Club: Hello
01:18:12 Jorge Benito | Grove-Gables: Hello toastmasters
01:18:14 srimathisrinivasan: Hello
01:18:15 Nancy: Hello fellow Toastmasters
01:18:15 Alexandra Demosthenes-VPE: Hello!
01:18:15 steve: Hello Toasties
01:18:15 Garfield Webbe: Hello
01:18:15 Terrance, VPM #1510789: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Hello everyone 🙂
01:18:16 Prema Vembanan: Hello Master
01:18:16 user: hello TM
01:18:16 Ana M. Robledo: Hello!
01:18:16 OP Jim Guld-Table Topics Master: Hey!
01:18:16 Lori P: hi!!’
01:18:16 Malaqui Geibel – Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Hello
01:18:17 Carrol Wilkinson: hello toastmasters
01:18:17 Olunwa Ikpeazu: hello!!
01:18:17 Pearly: hello toastmaster
01:18:17 Malvina Currie: Hello from Power Speakers!
01:18:17 Cassi: hello
01:18:18 Sarra Idehen, VPE, Image Masters, SLC, UT: Hello Toastmasters!
01:18:18 Arun Krishnamoorthy President DeVry Miramar Club: hello everyone
01:18:18 tspencer: Hello from Davie
01:18:18 Geraldine Hogan, VPE: Hello Toastmasters
01:18:19 Mitch McInnis: Hello TM
01:18:19 albertjimenez: Hi
01:18:19 Kate McClare: Hello fellow Tostmasters!
01:18:19 Lisa Cumes: hello toastmasters 🙂
01:18:19 John Schneyer: Greetings from Boca Raton!
01:18:20 Marko: hellloooo
01:18:20 Bilingual Club -VP of Education – Adriana Arias: Hello Toastmasters
01:18:21 Betty Ortiz-Valdes: Hello Toastmasters
01:18:22 Barry Doctor: Hello All
01:18:22 Sandi Huffman-Hansen, FIU Business Toastmasters: Hello Everyone!
01:18:22 Phong Luu – VPPR: Good evening
01:18:24 Bahiyyah Hepburn – Club Carmichael VPM: Hello Toastmasters!
01:18:24 Meghan’s iPhone: hi!
01:18:26 Marlene: Good evening!
01:18:26 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: Hello everyone
01:18:27 Andre Noudjo, VPM: hello toasties
01:18:27 Sarah Cherres: Hello, Toastmasters! 👋
01:18:27 Jo Sesodia: hi
01:18:29 vminor: Hello Toastmasters
01:18:30 Florence Stewart: Hellow everyone
01:18:30 jaxniel: hi everyone
01:18:30 Janeille C: hello Toastmasters
01:18:42 Terrance, VPM #1510789: 👋🏾👋🏾
01:18:45 Tony R – Logistics Manager D47: Hello everyone!
01:18:46 Pat Hamilton: Hello Fellow Toastmasters
01:18:46 Toluleke Famuyiwa: Hello Toastermasters

01:18:51 Deandra Dorsette: hello everyone, Deandra C Dorsette, Division I Director 🙋🏽‍♀️
01:18:59 Tara- Pres. Miracle Mile Toastmasters: Hello
01:19:00 Jennifer McDougle: Greetings fellow Toastmasters!
01:19:03 Vincent Edwards: Hello, Toastmasters
01:19:07 Lilly Lei: Good evening, Everyone1
01:19:08 Geraldine Leon: Hello everyone
01:19:09 Peter Palmer Area 25 Director: Good evening!
01:19:18 Jessica-Grove Gables: Grove Gables Toastmaster Club in the HOUZ 😀
01:19:29 President Ryan Valentine: Hello Everyone !!
01:19:42 Abby’s iPhone: Hello!
01:20:02 Ilona: Hello from Beacon Point
01:20:19 Jim Simms D48 Carrollwood TM VPPR: Our Carrollwood Toastmasters Club meets in the Library. Meeting Rooms have been closed by Hillsborough Libraries. I’m VPPR
01:20:50 Arun Krishnamoorthy President DeVry Miramar Club: Does toastmasster international will provide zoom meeting invite to individual clubs
01:21:05 Rick Rickmers: Lou Brown… good to see you in South Florida again!
01:21:06 David F. Carr: We have another 16 people on Facebook Live right now, and probably more coming.
01:21:16 David F. Carr: We maxed out our Zoom account at 100 people
01:21:51 Jennifer McDougle: can you share the Facebook information… I can transition to that so others can use zoom
01:22:37 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: Hello Rick – so nice to see you at our meeting, thanks for coming
01:23:19 Lisa Cumes:
01:23:29 Geraldine Hogan, VPE: Does the person speaking automatically appear on the big picture?
01:23:31 Lisa Cumes: Facebook Live Link
01:23:49 Deandra Dorsette: how do you get the colored background?
01:23:57 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: It depends on your settings under speaker view on the top right
01:24:16 Geraldine Leon: How do you change the background?
01:25:11 Ana Avila – WPTM: Is there not an ah counter role?
01:25:28 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: yes there is
01:25:32 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: Hi Ana – yes, we have an ah counter role
01:25:47 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: at our club we do not use an audible signal
01:25:55 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: we keep the tally and report at the end
01:26:23 Bernadette Lam: just say hi.
01:27:31 Ana J. Garcia: where do you see the time?
01:27:43 Deandra Dorsette: where is the time
01:27:51 Deandra Dorsette: while someone else is speaking
01:28:00 Geraldine Hogan, VPE: How do you pin a person
01:28:06 Power Speakers Malvina Currie: How does the timer change the background?
01:28:11 Barry Doctor: Jim – how do you change that background
01:28:23 Geraldine Hogan, VPE: no
01:28:24 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: the timer is Assyl you did not see colors because the speaker did not hit 1 minute
01:28:33 jaxniel: are we able to see the different color of the timer?
01:28:59 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: yes, but it is dependent on the timer role
01:29:06 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: Hi Jaxniel – our timer does show the colors
01:29:08 Ana M. Robledo: Where are the 3 dots?
01:29:11 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: and some use a digital timer
01:29:11 Lois Margolin: and if the speaker met the minimum
01:29:15 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: others are old school
01:29:17 President Ryan Valentine: How do you induct a person if you need to add a new member
01:29:19 Ana Avila – WPTM: Can you share the screen to demonstrate the pinning functionality as well as how the background colors were changed to red, yellow, green? thank you!
01:29:21 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: with cards
01:29:32 jaxniel: ok thanks
01:29:33 Kate McClare: I missed the timer’s explanation of how to change the screen background
01:29:45 OP Chris Guld: The 3 dots show up when you wiggle your mouse.
01:30:34 Lilly Lei: Please someone type the Facebook live link
01:30:38 Deandra Dorsette: what about if the individual is using a cellular phone?
01:30:55 OP Chris Guld: Changing the screen background is a bit more advanced. Generally you need a green screen, then you click the arrow next to the video camera icon and choose Virtual background
01:31:16 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: all the tools are available on the zoom for iphone or iPad I can’t speak about android
01:31:26 Terrance, VPM #1510789:
01:31:35 OP Chris Guld: Or you can click on Speaker view at the top right to see Lou in the big screen
01:33:20 OP Chris Guld: It looks like this facebook page is the one:
01:34:07 Lois Margolin: Save this link from John Quick on how to setup a green screen – or better said – those COOL backgrounds
01:34:08 Lois Margolin:
01:36:30 David F. Carr: Up to 28 people on Facebook
01:37:32 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: I covered that quickly – 2 – 3 minutes went by SO quickly – if anyone has any questions just send me an email to
01:38:10 Marko: do we need a special zoom account to host the meeting
01:38:53 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: hi Marko – you can use a free account but you are limited to 45 min for group meetings
01:39:06 OP-Speaker-Lou Brown: best to get a subscription
01:39:18 John Schneyer: How do you attract prospective members to your online meeting?
01:40:27 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: everyone can get a free zoom account by going to The professional account costs about $100 and it permits 100 people and a longer time period. The free account is 40 minutes
01:40:30 Lois Margolin: We promote our online meetings via Facebook and Toastmasters facebook pages – you can go anywhere because it is truly a global platform
01:40:47 Diana Rodriguez: does the use of this app have any cost?
01:41:25 Lois Margolin: The professional Zoom account costs #140.00 – however, with the free version, plan to have a break when necessary
01:41:42 Ilona: does this work as good on the phone as on the laptop?
01:41:52 Lois Margolin: A free zoom account should work for most clubs.
01:42:07 Andrew Bern, TRIO member: depends on the accessible speed on your connection.
01:42:20 jaxniel: it woks good in both way
01:42:22 OP Chris Guld: That’s $140/year right? We pay $15/mo and that gets rid of the 40 minute maximum.
01:42:33 Lois Margolin: As for working on the phone, depending on where you are, most phones are darker because people use it in the car or in a dark room
01:43:47 Lilly Lei: The free version doesn’t allow recording. The paid version allows recording.
01:44:08 Ernesto Torres: Where did you get that timing light?
01:45:10 Andre Noudjo, VPM: how do you accomplish the evaluation form?
01:46:52 Ilona: can this view be minimize like with YouTube?
01:47:53 Kate McClare: How did the timer change her background to match the timing sequence? I missed her explanation. Thanks.
01:48:39 David F. Carr: That timing effect is worth learning, but takes some experience. For starters, you might simply hold green / yellow / red cards up to the screen
01:49:03 srimathisrinivasan: How about using Google hangout?
01:49:09 David F. Carr: Another area where good lighting helps or people may not be able to see difference between green and yellow, for example.
01:49:23 Andre Noudjo, VPM: how to save the chat in an ipad
01:49:26 President Ryan Valentine: Again how do you Induct a new Member if some one new is joining your club?
01:49:31 Lois Margolin: Screen changes –
01:49:59 Terrance, VPM #1510789: Would it be possible to screen share the timer (in terms of using a program for a timer) for speakers?
01:51:28 OP-Timer-Assyl (Kazakhstan): If your camera is set to 16:9, an image of 1280 pixels by 720 px or 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels would work well.
01:51:48 Michael: Is this being recorded. if so how can I retrieve it later to review /refresh
01:52:29 Power Speakers Malvina Currie: How do help older members transition to online?
01:53:27 Lilly Lei: To save the recording, the host will receive a link from Zoom. Then the host email or text the link to the attendees.
01:53:54 josephacenas: How do you do the er ah counter?Do they ring a bell or something ?
01:54:20 David F. Carr: going to go out and come back in
01:54:30 Barry Doctor: Do you have any presentation resources on encouraging our tech challenged members to try the web meeting format?
01:55:01 Florence Stewart: When you download a screen saver, do you download each time to attend the meeting?
01:55:56 Lois Margolin: Florence – you only download once and it is saved in your zoom profile
01:56:52 David F. Carr: answer to the question I was asked: sharing the timer lights via the screen share function does not work well.
01:57:01 John Schneyer, IPP Boca Raton Toastmasters: How do you handle contests online? Do you have guidelines for how far the speaker needs to be from the camera to be able to use the speaking area?
01:57:15 Barry Doctor: has anyone compiled a list of minimum needed tech resources? type of camera, headphones, green screen etc?
01:57:39 David F. Carr: I have used an external program that integrates with Zoom, OBS Studio, to share video feeds and screen sharing in place of my video feed.
01:58:07 OP Chris Guld: I see no way on the iPad to save chat 🙁
01:58:09 Lilly Lei: How do you collect the votes?
01:58:47 OP Chris Guld: is the Online Presenters website
01:59:07 Ilona: when you do PP presentation what’s the best way to switch from sharing the screen to the presenter
01:59:58 Deandra Dorsette: how to save chat on cellphone?
01:59:58 Adriana Arias – VPE: Elaine, could you please share the link for the tips that you just mentioned?
02:00:10 OP Chris Guld:
02:00:16 John Schneyer, IPP Boca Raton Toastmasters: You will have to hold online contests in area and division now due to Covid-19.
02:01:11 OP-WATCHER Elaine Nieberding, VPM: TIPS and TRICKS on the Online Presenters website:
02:01:14 Lois Margolin:
02:01:31 Deandra Dorsette: please post the tips link on the district page or Facebook. i cannot save it on my phone
02:02:21 Lois Margolin: I just posted it Deandra
02:04:11 OP Chris Guld: Zoom help center has everything, including lots of videos and daily live trainings.
02:04:18 Bahiyyah Hepburn – Club Carmichael (Bahamas) VPM: Is there an etiquette guide on participating in an online meeting?
02:05:09 Rick Rickmers: Nice job everyone… Great session!
02:05:56 Ilona: very well done thank you…
02:05:59 srimathisrinivasan: Thank you! Well done
02:06:14 Geraldine Leon: thank you so much! you guys did a great job!
02:06:47 Abby’s iPhone: very helpful! thank you all.
02:06:49 John Schneyer, IPP Boca Raton Toastmasters: Can you suggest microphones and/or acoustic setups to make the speaker’s sound come across better? It sounds like Lois and some others are speaking from a room with some echo in it.
02:06:54 Betty Ortiz-Valdes: when click on chat … it automatically saves chat
02:07:03 OP Chris Guld: Great idea Lois. Enter a Zoom meeting all by yourself, do a small presentation and save it. Cool.
02:07:08 Power Speakers Malvina Currie: Thank you
02:07:53 Michael: Thanks so much for your time. I like this venue.
02:07:54 vminor: How do you retrieve the saved chat Vicki Minor
02:07:55 Sarah Cherres, Area 51 Director, Doral Toastmasters, DC Toasters: For contests: I was thinking the judges can fill their ballots and send screenshots to the chief judge
02:08:10 Adriana Arias – VPE: Thank you.
02:08:16 Ana Avila – WPTM: To record yourself in a video you must have the professional license?
02:08:18 Dhwani Shah : Thank you!
02:08:19 albertjimenez – Doral Toastmasters: Thank you very much….
02:08:22 Ana Avila – WPTM: o can you do it with the free