Club Growth Director

Confreres! While the world weathers multiple storms concurrently convalescing, it is evident that we need quality leadership more than ever. District 47 is specially equipped to convert these obstacles into opportunities. As your Club Growth Director, I pledge to uphold the core values of Toastmasters International—integrity, respect, service, and excellence—through my commitment to District 47’s marketing strategy, member retention, and club growth. We all stand to benefit from involving quality members in our Toastmasters clubs. When clubs are struggling, we will help them. When members are struggling, we will support them. We will emerge from this pandemic and civil discourse stronger and more united than ever. Together, we will create a culture of community that will have a lasting impact on our exceptional members. I am at your continued service, District 47.


Austen Canonica, DTM
District 47 Club Growth  Director

Community Outreach (perhaps this will have its own segment on the website at some point, but it seems logical to include with Club Growth)


Additionally, RA Godalys Reina, DTM facilitated 3 Club Growth Seminars on behalf of Region 8, which she encouraged we share with our members. I would like to display on our site, but each of these videos is password protected. There may be best practices not to display passwords directly on the site, therefore, if there is any creative way we can initially hide the password, and then have it drop down once someone clicks for more information about the webinar, then it appears. I am certainly open for suggestions there.

Region 8 Club Growth & Support Seminar Series


As Club Growth Director: A very brief synopsis includes

Our Team"We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes."

The team includes the following committees:
TLI Managers, Speech Contest Managers, Conference Chairs, Distinguished Toastmasters Chair,
District Pathways Chair, & Pathways Trainers

Name: Michelle Washington DTM
Title: TLI Manager

Name: Merla Atus-Pawar
Title: TLI Manager Bahamas

Name: Michelle LeWay DTM
Title: Contest Manager South Florida

Name: Kendra Munroe DTM
Title: Contest Manager Bahamas