Shakira Taylor, DTM
Program Quality Director

“Growth occurs through consistent training and development connected with results.”

Second round Club Officer Training is HERE. For clubs electing semiannually, this training allows newly elected officers to learn their roles and responsibilities, to meet district leaders who can help them during their terms and to get new ideas about how to improve their clubs.

For annual term club officers or those repeating an office you may see the second training as unnecessary, the truth is that second round training is an opportunity for you to elevate your contribution to your club’s success. It is time to receive extra information, get the opportunity to discuss any problems you may be having and network with officers of other clubs.

Second round training is also the perfect time for all your mentees or successors to get prepared. Please invite them to join you.

All sessions are based upon the training and educational programs published by Toastmasters International.

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The team includes TLI Managers:

Shakira Taylor, DTM
Program Quality Director

Merla Atus-Pawar
TLI Manager Bahamas

Michelle Washington DTM
TLI Manager