In a few days, we will all gather to attend our annual District Council business meeting.

The business meeting will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 2:30pm.

We look forward to your attendance. All Club Presidents, VPEs and voting District Executive Committee (DEC) members are required to attend in-person at the conference or via the Zoom platform and are entitled to one vote each. NO PROXIES are allowed in accordance with Toastmasters International guidelines.

The deadline to register is the end of day Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 11:59pm. 

We are depending on you to register, as it is extremely important that we get a quorum at the business meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Credentials and Voting

Who Can Vote?

Voting members of the District Council are the Club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education and the members of the District Executive Committee: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, the Immediate Past District Director, Public Relations Manager, Administrations Manager, Finance Manager, Division Directors, and Area Directors.

In order to be eligible to vote, both the individual Toastmaster and the club he or she belongs to must be in good standing. (see Membership).


Good Standing of Individual Members

A paid member is one whose dues have been received by World Headquarters for the current dues period. An individual must be a paid member to be nominated for or to serve in any office or leadership role in Toastmasters International. (Protocol 2.0)


Good Standing of Clubs

A club is considered paid and is in good standing when its dues have been received by World Headquarters for the current dues period for a minimum of eight members—at least three of whom were members of the club during the previous renewal. (Protocol 2.0)

A newly chartered club that has been assigned a club number is entitled to voting privileges.


Who is entitled to one vote?

Each member of the District Council or the club President or Vice President Education in attendance at the District Council meeting.


Who is entitled to two votes?

The club President and the Vice President of Education from the club.

A Toastmaster belonging to two or more clubs may cast one vote for each of two clubs but is limited to a maximum of two votes, regardless of the number of clubs to which they belong.


Who is entitled to three votes?

Any Toastmaster who is also a member of the District Executive Committee.

The maximum number of votes that any Toastmaster may cast is three, regardless of the number of clubs to which that Toastmaster belongs.


What constitutes a quorum for the district council virtual meeting?

One-third (1/3) of all clubs, however, since no proxies are allowed, a quorum will be one-third (1/3) of club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education.

The quorum will be based on the total number of registrants for the virtual meeting.

Members of the District Executive Committee do not count toward a quorum.


What if a quorum is not present?

If a quorum is not present at a district council meeting, the business decided at the meeting is valid only after it is approved by a majority of clubs on the basis of two votes per club.

As soon as possible after the meeting, the District Director notifies the clubs so that affirmation can be obtained within a reasonable time.

If any business is transacted at a meeting where a quorum is not present, the action taken is deemed valid, provided it is later expressly approved in writing by the affirmative vote of a majority of district clubs on the basis of two votes per club.

Send a mailing to all clubs as soon as possible after the meeting so that affirmation can be obtained within a reasonable time.