Division E Team old

Message from the Division E Director


Keri Russell wrote, Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”

My fellow Toastmasters, July 1, 2021, marked the beginning of another dynamic Toastmasters year! It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the Extraordinary Division E Team: 

  • Division E Director: Tiffany Burrell-Roberts 
  • Area 50 Director: LaShinda Moore 
  • Area 51 Director Brent Huffman 
  • Area 52 Director Diana Folk 
  • Area 53 Director Catherine McManus 
  • Area 54 Director Gina White 
  • Area 55 Director: Blaze Goldsmith 

We, the leaders of Division E, welcome you to an exciting and energetic journey that promises to be filled with everlasting memories! 

Should your clubs decide to remain with online meetings, transition to hybrid, or return to the in-person format, we implore you to continue to embrace this new era; your division and area directors are here to support you. 

In the words of Les Brown, “You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.” Remember to remain true to the Toastmasters Promise and never forget why you became a Toastmaster. Get ready to detach from your comfort zone ‒ it’s time to inspire, reimagine, rediscover and recognize your full potential because this year will be EPIC! 

Tiffany Burrell-Roberts, DTM

Division E Director 2021 – 2022