The Trio for 2019-2020: Program Quality Director Ivan Thompson, District Director Leonardo Burrows, and Club Growth Director Andrew Bern

District Officers

District Director
Leonardo Burrows, DTM

Program Quality Director
Ivan C.Thompson, DTM

Club Growth Director
Andrew Bern, DTM

Immediate Past District Director
Maurice Fuller, DTM, IPDD

See also Committee Chairs

Public Relations Manager
Andre Kelly, DTM

Finance Manager
Barbara Strasdas, DTM

Administration Manager
Shakira Taylor, DTM

Logistics Manager
Antoine Rolle

Division Directors

Division A
Clint Conliffe, Division Director

Division B
Moe Haji, Division Director

Division C 
Austen Canonica, Division Director

Division D
Orlando Zuniga, Division Director

Division E
Phyllis May, Division Director

Division F
Garth Jackson, Division Director

Division I
Deandra Dorsette, Division Director

Area Directors, Division A

Area 10

Andrea Robinson, Area Director

Weston Area Toastmasters
American Express Communication
American Express Toastmasters
The Ultimate Toastmasters
Workforce Solutions Toasmasters
MEDNAX Toastmasters

Area 11

Anita Fain Taylor, Area Director

Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters
Davie Toastmasters
Hollywood Toastmasters
NSU Toastmasters
Broward College Toastmasters

Area 12

Peter Agbeyegbe, Area Director

Universal Toastmasters
Devry University Miramar
Saturday Fearless Toastmasters
Universal Advanced Toastmasters
Freedom Speakers Toastmasters

Area 13

Lisa Cumes, Area Director

Miami Lakes Club
The Fountain Toastmasters Club
Toastmasters of BankUnited
St. Thomas University Toastmasters

Area 14

Jane Cabrera, Area Director

Paul Spiewak Toastmasters Club
Miramar Bilingual Speakers Club
Team Entrepreneur Toastmasters
West Pines Toastmasters Club
SGWS SFL Toastmasters

Area 15

Price Polynice, Area Director

North Miami Beach Toastmaters
Daybreak Toastmasters Club
Art of Speaking Toastmasters
PwC Digitial Toastmasters
Unapologetic Speakers

Area Directors, Division B

Area 20

Janeille Calnick, Area Director

Club Awesome
Achievers Club
Outspoken Toastmasters
Club Power Speakers

Area 21

Anthony Elie, Area Director

Great Fort Lauderdale Toastmasters
Proud Speakers Toastmasters
Early Bird Toastmasters
CITRIX Toastmasters
Broward Bilingual Toastmasters Club

Area 22

Carolina Duarte, Area Director

Friendly Club of Toastmasters
Toast of Las Olas
Power Speakers Club
First Edition Clubs
BPB Talking Heads

Area 23

Jose Navarrete, Area Director

Plantation Club
Crossroads Club
DHL Plantation FI Lauderdale
Magic Leap Toastmasters

Area 24

Benjamin Yen, Area Director

University of Fort Lauderdale
Motorola Communicators Club
Sawgrass Toastmasters Club
TSSC Toasters

Area 25

Peter Palmer, Area Director

Pompano Beach Toastmasters
Club V.O.I.C.E.
Beacon Point Advanced
Brazilian Toastmasters
Zimmerman Advertising

Area Directors, Division C

Area 30

Samantha Inguanzo, Area Director

Delray Newsmakers Club
Bill Gove Golden Gavel Club
City of Delray Beach
Sailfish Toastmasters

Area 31

Jose Luis Mercader, Area Director

Sensor Toast Club
Office Depot Toastmasters Club
NCCI Toastmasters
Boca Raton Advanced Toastmasters
Speak and Grow Production

Area 32

Cedric Clement, Area Director

West Boca Toastmasters Club
The Luminaries At The Boca Chamber
The Toastmasters Club At FAU
The Toastmasters Club At Transunion

Area 33

Dhwani Shah, Area Director

Boca Raton Toastmasters
Boca Raton Noon Toastmasters
WRC Palm Beaches Noon
1st US Portuguese Toastmasters
Paradise Club

Area Directors, Division D

Area 40

Ann Marie McLaughlin, Area Director

Treasure Coast Toastmasters
Palm City Orators
Port St. Lucie Speakers
Fort Pierce Toastmasters
Talking Heads of Stuart

Area 41

Valerie Johnson, Area Director

Hobe Sound Toasters
Secure Speakers Toastmasters
Scientifically Speaking
High Impact Speakers

Area 42

Sudhakar Uppu, Area Director

Gold Coast Toastmasters Club
High Voltage Voice
Juno How To Talk
Power-Full Voices
The REAL Toastmasters Club

Area 43

Herbert Sennett, Area Director

Palm Beach Advanced Toastmasters
The Palm Beach Toastmasters Club
Village Voices
El Cid Toastmasters
#clerkspeaksquad Toastmasters

Area 44

Jennifer McDougle, Area Director

Sunset Speakers Toastmasters
Talk Of The Town Club
Wellington Toastmastes Club
RiverWalk Toastmasters Club

Area 45

Erich Willner, Area Director

Palm Beach Noon Toastmasters
Freddy’s Forum Toastmasters
Palm Beach County
The Toastmasters Club At Palm Beach State College

Area Directors, Division E

Area 50

Jay Smith, Area Director

MIA Tarmac Speakers
Miami-Wynwood Toastmasters
Out-Of-The-Box Toastmasters
305 Speaks

Area 51

Sarah Cherres, Area Director

Doral Toastmasters
Toastmasters En Espanol Club
Voice of Champions Club
Speak Tank Toastmasters Club
World Fuel Toastmasters
Florida Blue

Area 52

Eddie Martinez, Area Director

Electrifying Voices
Toastmasters at FIU Business
Blue Lagoon
Dade County Toasters
The Landing

Area 53

Brandon Diaz, Area Director

Brickell Toastmasters
Miami Dade Toastmasters
Miami Beach Toastmasters
Y.P.E Toastmasters
One Voice Unity
HEAT Speaks

Area 54

Betty Ortiz-Valdes, Area Director

Coral Gable Toastmasters
Miracle Mile Toastmasters
South Dade Toastmasters
Miami Advanced Toastmasters
West Kendall Toastmasters
Grove-Gables Toastmasters

Area 55

Laura Larrabee, Area Director

Key West Toastmasters
Florida Keys Toastmasters
Homestead Toastmasters
Cutler Bay Toastmasters

Area Directors, Division F

Area 60

Ernesto Williams, Area Director

Action for Achievement Club
Cable Beach West
Chickcharney Toastmasters Club
Luminaries Toastmasters Club

Area 61

Gerard Rolle, Area Director

New Providence Branch of Toastmasters
Healing Communicators
Cable Revolutionaries Toastmasters
Mayaguana Southern Pearls

Area 62

Ikysha Beneby, Area Director

First Exuma Branch Club
B U T Nation Builders
BAF Stars Toastmasters Club
Achievers of Excellence Club

Area 63

Juliana (Clarke) Duncanson, Area Director

Dynamic Persuaders
Fidelity Toastmasters of Distinction
FG Knights
Police Dynamic Enforcers

Area Directors, Division I

Area 90

Antoine Brooks, Area Director

Freeport Eagles
Club Destiny
Abaco Lighthouse Beamers
B.P.S.U Excellers
BUT Abaco Trail Blazers

Area 91

Merla Atus-Pawar, Area Director

Destined For Success
E.T. Communicators
BFM Diplomats
Club Carmichael

Area 92

Verna Bonaby McIntosh, Area Director

Ernest T. Strachan Advanced Club
P.T.A.B. Toastmasters Club
B.P.S.U. Majestic Blue Marlins
Pinnacle Seekers

Area 93

George Maillis, Area Director

First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters
Soaring Eagles Club
AGOC Nationbuilders
BUT North Eleuthera Shakers

See also: Committee Chairs