Nominated Candidates for District Officers in 2019-2020

The District Leadership Committee has placed the following names into nomination for the District 47 Officers in 2019-2020. Elections will be held at the District's Annual Conference during the District Council Meeting on May 18, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Register for the conference here.


District Director

Leonardo Burrows

Judy Simmons

Program Quality Director

Ivan Thompson

Club Growth Director

Andrew Bern

Division A Director

Clint Conliffe

Division B Director

Moe Haji

Division C Director

Austen Canonica

Linda Chapman

Division D Director

Dalmo Mendonça

Orlando Zuniga

Division E Director

Phyllis May

Division F Director

Denison Balfour

Division I Director

Kimberly Bain


Anyone interested in running for the above positions may do so as "Floor Candidates." Prior to the date of the election, please submit your application to the District Leadership Committee (DLC) through the District website under Leadership/Nominations. Toastmasters International mandates that all Floor Candidates for any of the elected positions must be nominated by a member of the District Council (Club President, Vice President of Education, member of the District Executive Committee) or a club Proxy holder. 

Should you be interested in serving in an appointed position as an Area Director or the Public Relations Manager,  Administration Manager, or Finance Manager please submit your application to the DLC at the District 47 website under Leadership/Nominations.

Proxy Votes

To assign a proxy, fill out the proxy form. Read more about this process here.

Can I use the proxy if I am not a member of the club that needs me to vote? No. You must be an ACTIVE member of the respective club to receive the ballot on their behalf.

If my club President or VPE emailed me an electronic copy of their proxy, can I show my smartphone to the Credentials Desk and receive the ballot for the club? No. Electronic copies are not acceptable; whoever receives an electronic or emailed copy of the Proxy must print the proxy and bring a paper copy to the credentials desk.