Program Quality Director

I am honored to be of service as your Program Quality Director for the 2020-2021 year. We thrived exceptionally last year finishing as a Distinguished District despite our challenges. I have no doubt we will continue to soar together in the months ahead. It is more important than ever that we discover and use new ways to build and support clubs through knowledge sharing, exchange of experiences via teams, and better connection with each other.

Toastmasters is our laboratory for life. Here is where we get to practice and develop the skills we need while we are encouraged and supported by our fellow Toastmasters! I am determined to continue to foster an environment that helps you learn and develop the skills you need to achieve your highest potential. That’s why my vision is to optimize our district’s EDUCATIONAL programs to support quality programming, ELEVATE the membership TLI’s, contests, and Pathways experience and ENERGIZE all clubs within our district to deepen their COMMITMENT to community, fun, and connection, where everyone wins and succession planning is paramount. I ask you to commit, take a risk or two and remain flexible.

Pathways Trainers are already out in the Divisions servicing the clubs. We have assigned 2 Trainers to each division. They will begin working with clubs that are 75% and lower adoption rate and then open up the training sessions to all clubs. Please listen out for a training session in your Division.

I am also super energized to introduce a new, prestigious club award to District 47 – The Golden Gavel Club Award. Please read all about it and get your club on board. I cannot wait to see the elite clubs step out at the end of this fiscal year.

For us to achieve our individual and collective goals and dreams we must set our sails in the direction we wish to go. The sea might get windy at times but our sail will guide us to success. An affirmation I use quite often in my life is “this or better” and so to you fellow Toastmasters I say “Distinguished or Better no less!”


Shakira Taylor, DTM
District 47 Program Quality Director


As Program Quality Director: A very brief synopsis includes

        1. 100 % of DEC members trained (including 5 hours of extended time for NEW officers)
        2. 84 % of district officers trained in the first round thanks to the outgoing team and a fabulous TLI hosted in August.
        3. Monthly educational series since July that has been promoted and well attended thanks to the PQD and PRM team.
        4. 34 Area Contest completed (2 more to go for October 2020)
        5. Monthly acknowledgments and updates to the DEC members.
        6. Pathways Trainers in effect since July 1st
        7. Monthly meeting and votes of thanks with Program Quality Team
        8. 7 Division Contest for the month of November
        9. Educational series with a focus on “membership” for November 18th
        10. 2ndRound Contest begins December
        11. 2ndRound Club Officer training begins December
        12. 2ndRound Area Report visit begins December (granted there are a few outstanding that is being monitored)
        13. Worked with the PRM teams since elected to office in May.
        14. Etc. etc. etc.

Our Team"We work with ambitious leaders who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes."

The team includes the following committees:
TLI Managers, Speech Contest Managers, Conference Chairs, Distinguished Toastmasters Chair,
District Pathways Chair, & Pathways Trainers

Name: Michelle Washington DTM
Title: TLI Manager

Name: Merla Atus-Pawar
Title: TLI Manager Bahamas

Name: Michelle LeWay DTM
Title: Contest Manager South Florida

Name: Kendra Munroe DTM
Title: Contest Manager Bahamas

Name: Darren Kennedy DTM
Title: Conference Co-Chair

Name: Deandra Dorsette DTM
Title: Conference Co-Chair

Name: Antoinette Bailey, DTM
Title: DTM Chair







Name: Jane Cabrera
Title: District Pathways Chair

Name: Dominic Thompson
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Barbara Kasser,DTM
Title: Pathways Trainers

Name: Ana Robledo
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Israel Villar, DTM
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Vejay Balgobin
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Lilly Lei
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Kathy Dyke, DTM
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Rosler Oriol
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: McTair Farrington
Title: Pathways Trainer

Name: Lukas Calafell
Title: Pathways Trainer