District Nomination Showcase

All Members of District 47,

The DLC Committee hereby share with the membership at large the results of our candidate interviews held virtually by the committee on
February 27/28 2021.

The Committee interviewed all qualified candidates who applied and submitted a District Officer packet to the committee and were verified in good standing.

The Committee interviewed a total of 13 candidates and all interviews were conducted in person.

After deliberation, the DLC committed is recommending the following candidates to move forward for the nominated position herein and have advised of this recommendation to the interim District Director.

Elected Positions:

District Director

Program Quality Director

Club Growth Director

Division Directors

Andrea Robinson, DTM

Roosevelt Jean Francois, DTM

Elizabeth George, DTM

Deandra C. Dorsett, DTM

Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy, DTM

Tiffany Burrell-Roberts, DTM

Gerard Rolle, DTM

Ancin Munnings, DTM

Derek Garcia Rolle, ACG, ALS

The DLC Committee acknowledges the passion and dedication these candidates have committed to the Toastmasters Organization and the membership of District 47.

The DLC Committee is interested in finding additional qualified candidates as “Floor Candidates” for the open roles above, as governed by the Toastmasters International Governing Documents 9.04A

  • If the DLC report is incomplete, qualified candidates may run from the floor for any position for which the DLC did not nominate the required number of candidates. Qualified candidates must notify the District Director seven (7) days prior to their intent to run from the floor. Any nominations made by the DLC are valid.

For members seeking to declare their intent to run as a “Floor Candidate” for the Elected District Leadership Roles for the following roles only, please submit the forms and information listed below to the DLC Chair by email to dlc@toastmastersd47.org in one (1) PDF attachment at least 1 week prior
to the date of the May 1st  election.

Floor Candidates Elected District Leadership Roles in District 47:

  • Division D Director and Division E Director  

In addition, the DLC committee is interested in receiving applications from members seeking assignment with one of District 47’s Appointed Positions:

  • Area Directors (Please specify Area)
  • Finance Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Public Relations Manager

For the Appointed Positions (stated above), the DLC committee would like to receive the information below for each candidate no later than End of Day, April 15th

District Leader Nominating Form

Officer Agreement & Release Statements

District Leader Biographical Information

Best Regards,
Maurice M Fuller, DTM, PDD
District 47 DLC Chair 2020 – 2021