Create a Club Website

Benefits of a Club Website

A club website has the following features and benefits:

  • A central hub of information you can link to for prospective members

  • A single place to update in case you need to communicate changes (like location, special events, etc)

  • An easier way to sign up for roles online ahead of time

  • A more public space to recognize member achievements so other members can be encouraged

Create a Website with Free Toast Host

Most clubs have a Free Toast Host website. It's a simple template that allows for some customization and has a strong suite of core functionality like membership management, email aliases, agenda planning, etc. Getting a website ready out of the box is fast and easy.

To get started, follow the instructions here. Follow the Quick Start Guide.

Free Toast Host has extensive documentation here and a video user guide. There’s another video guide here.

Create a Website with Toastmost (recommended)

Toastmaster David Carr developed WordPress for Toastmasters, and it's a great tool for clubs that want to customize their website and take full control over content creation. This platform is widely used by professional publications, and it's free of many of the limitations of Free Toast Host.

The only cons? It's supported by sponsor advertisement, and those already used to the FTH interface may not want to learn a brand new system. But there are many other reasons to choose WP4TM over FTH. 

To get started, follow the instructions here.


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