Member Bios

For many, seeing the faces and stories of real toastmasters may be what seals the deal and encourages them to visit your club. 

Editing in Free Toast Host

Each member has to edit their own bio after logging in. Click Edit Your Profile and select the Member Bio/Photo tab.


What to include

Here are some elements of an engaging and interesting bio, but it's not required to include all of them

  • A picture. Opt for a headshot picture of you instead of a placeholder like a landscape or avatar.

  • How long you've been in Toastmasters. Opt for a specific time (e.g., "a toastmaster since 2016" or "I joined in 2005") over relative terms that will quickly outdated (e.g. "a toastmaster for 3 years" or "joined last year").

  • What made you join Toastmasters. Guests might relate with your original reason for joining.

  • A little about your professional life. Showcasing the professional diversity of our members makes the club more attractive. Guests benefit from seeing how Toastmasters can help people in all sorts of careers.

  • Hobbies and what you do in your spare time.

  • Jokes, quotes, and anecdotes that you identify with.

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