Recognize Member Achievements

Our members are outstanding, and rewarding them for what they achieve is a crucial way to boost morale, uplift their self-esteem, and encourage others to aspire to excellence.

Here are some achievements you can celebrate:

  • Completing an educational award
  • Completing a level in their Pathways path
  • Getting trained at TLI
  • Chairing a contest or special event
  • Winning a contest
  • Getting a promotion at work
  • Speaking outside of the club
  • Going above and beyond to serve the club

Here are some ways to recognize achievements on the website:

  • Display the 5 latest member achievements on the home page
  • Create a custom page with all member achievements to date
  • Create custom graphics (e.g.
  • Post pictures of awards given in person
  • Post on facebook
  • Include the latest member achievements in the floater message (in Free Toast Host, launch admin console and click the Floater Messages tab)

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