Recognize Club Achievements

Give credit where credit it due—recognizing your club achievements keeps you on track to meet your goals, encourages members to participate, and give praise to those who contributed in brining accolades to the club. 

Here are some club achievements you can celebrate:

  • Each DCP point earned
  • New members
  • Achieving Distinguished, Select Distinguished, and President's Distinguished
  • Hosting special events like open houses
  • Winning membership-building programs
  • Number of stars in the Stars Program
  • Other accolades from the district/division/area

Here are some ways to recognize club achievements on the website:

  • Display the latest club achievements on the home page
  • Create a custom page with all club achievements to date
  • Create custom graphics (e.g.
  • Post pictures of awards received in person
  • Post on facebook
  • Include the latest club achievements in the floater message (in Free Toast Host, launch admin console and click the Floater Messages tab)

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