Embedded Videos and Animations

Multimedia is one thing that sets online publications from print media. Adding videos and animations directly to your website makes for an interactive and engaging experience.

What kind of videos can you embed? Here are some ideas.

  • Videos you've recorded of your meetings
  • Videos of members speaking outside of the club
  • Interesting, inspiring, or educational TED talks
  • Videos from the official Toastmasters channel
  • A how-to guide to your club meetings
  • Testimonials from members

Embed in Free Toast Host

Copy the video's URL (e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMNIbA0KUn8). In the page editor, select the YouTube button and paste the URL.


Embed using the source code

On the video's YouTube page, click Share and select Embed. This will give you an HTML code to copy. You can paste this into the Source editor of your page to embed the video.