The Club Webmaster

What does the club webmaster do?

The club webmaster is responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining the club website. 

When you don't have a club webmaster, the maintenance of the club website is the responsibility of the Vice President of Public Relations, who acts as a default webmaster. 

Who should be a club webmaster?

These are the traits of a good webmaster:

  • Is tech savvy

  • Has a critical eye for design

  • Has an interest in learning about web development

  • Is excited to update the club with news and informative content

  • Wants to become more comfortable with online tools

If you have a member that has any of these traits, ask them if they're interested in becoming the club webmaster.

What if the previous club webmaster is unavailable?

For some clubs, the website has been dormant for a while and no one has logged in as an administrator in a long time. We recommend contacting the last administrator and requesting the password from them in order to onboard the new webmaster. If the previous webmaster is no longer available, follow the process here to reset the website’s admin password.

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