Update Your Contact Info

One important function of the club website is to be the public face of your club to guests and prospective members. When deciding whether to visit your club, potential guests might want to email or call you to ask questions, clarify some information, or just to let you know they're coming. You website should have accurate and up-to-date contact information.

Instructions for Free Toast Host

By default in Free Toast Host, the "Contact Us" page directs messages to the club President, Vice President of Membership, and Vice President of Public Relations. It's important for these 3 officers to log in, click Edit Your Profile, and update their email and phone number.

To list other officers as the official contact for your club, the webmaster can log in as administrator and launch the admin console. Select the Email and Contact Forms module. In the Contact Us Form tab, select the three officers or members who will be listed as the primary contacts for the club. It's recommended that at least one person accept prospect phone calls since some people are more comfortable talking on the phone instead of over email.

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