Link Your Facebook Page

Once you have a facebook page, direct people to it so they can like/follow your club.

Link from Free Toast Host

  1. Log in as site admin
  2. Launch the admin console
  3. Select the Social Links tab
  4. Enter the URL for your facebook page

Embed Your Feed

Clubs that use social media effectively update their facebook page often with pictures, meeting events, anecdotes, articles, meeting previews, etc. You can take advantage of that vibrant online presence and embed your latest facebook updates directly into your website. 

Editing the Source Code

Follow the instructions here to get the embed code for the facebook page plugin. If you're using Free Toast Host, edit the page where you want to embed the plugin and click the Source button. This is the HTML code that powers your page--you don't have to understand all of it, but find the spot where you'd like to embed the plugin and paste the two strings of code you got from the instructions. Once you hit save, you should see your embedded facebook plugin.

Creating an iFrame

If editing the source code is intimidating, this is an alternative.

  1. Edit the page where you want to embed the facebook plugin.
  2. Click into the place where you want to embed the plugin, then click the iFrame button (it's the one that looks like a globe).
  3. Under URL, enter the following but with your own page URL at the end
  4. Set the width to 500, height to 700, and alignment to middle, and hit save.
  5. Save the page and confirm that the plugin shows up with your latest updates on facebook.

Other ways to integrate facebook

This page has a few other ways to make facebook a part of your site.

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