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The most important thing I have received from Toastmasters is relationships. We are such a diverse district, the exposure I have had to different cultures, traditions, and thinking have caused me to reflect on my own life and realize how very fortunate I am. I have made many good friends. Friends I enjoy seeing at our events in person, and now, online. Friends I share meals, ideas, and wonderful hugs (yes, that’s you Frederique!) with. If I never give another speech again, if I never hold another office again, if I never take another picture again (thank you Phylis May for starting my Toastmasters photo journey), I will still have those friends who have become so precious to me. Toastmasters is now my family and I will always be there for my family. I am so glad I met Matt Kinsey who invited me to my first meeting and sponsored my membership. Toastmasters may be where leaders are made but it’s the people I have met and love who make Toastmasters great.

John Schneyer, TM
District Photographer - US

I can honestly say that Toastmasters has helped me “get out of my shell” and find a path in life where I once was lost. The friends I have made within the program, the confidence I have gained, having a goal and vision mindset, and most of all enhanced leadership and public speaking skills have developed me into the professional I am today. The Journey on the executive board starting from the bottom (Sergeant At Arms) to my current post as President has been nothing short of amazing with lifelong lessons and experiences at every level.

Ancin Munnings, DTM
Area Director I-93, First Bahamas Branch - Club 1600

Knowledge gained and self-development are forever yours, no matter which path(s) you take in life. The satisfaction gained from helping newer (and sometimes older) Toastmasters develop their communication and leadership skills is immeasurable. I invite and encourage YOU to take your first step on the road to self-development today and join our Toastmasters Family.

Verna M. Bonaby, DTM
Division I Director

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