Testimonials 1

If I never give another speech again, if I never hold another office again, if I never take another picture again (thank you Phylis May for starting my Toastmasters photo journey), I will still have those friends who have become so precious to me. Toastmasters is now my family and I will always be there for my family.

John Schneyer, TM
District Photographer - US,

I can honestly say that Toastmasters has helped me “get out of my shell” and find a path in life where I once was lost. The friends I have made within the program, the confidence I have gained, having a goal and vision mindset, and most of all enhanced leadership and public speaking skills have developed me into the professional I am today.

Ancin Munnings, DTM
Area Director I-93, First Bahamas Branch - Club 1600

Knowledge gained and self-development are forever yours, no matter which path(s) you take in life. I invite and encourage YOU to take your first step on the road to self-development today and join our Toastmasters Family.

Verna M. Bonaby, DTM
Division I Director,

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